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OLED technology

Natural light, supporting biorhythm and well-being.

Human well-being is one of the most important aspects in today's world, whether at home or at work. The hidden flickering of light sources has a disturbing effect on the wholeness of the human being.

The most common reactions are various signs of illness.

In most cases, the flickering is not visible to the eye. Restless not visible flickering light can cause irritation of sense organs and thus distraction for the whole human being.

An organic light source conveys calmness, relaxation and clarity.
  • Color spectrum analogous to sunlight
    (minimum deviation)

  • Free from UV light

  • Free from flickering of the light source

  • Easy on the eyes

  • Natural, diffuse light emission

  • 100% Recyclable

  • Made of organic materials and 85% glass

  • Free from toxic ingredients

  • High energy efficiency

  • Low maintenance due to long service life of the light source itself

  • Very low heat generation of the lamp

  • Faithful colour rendering CRI 95+

  • Extremely compact and thin design

  • Wide beam illumination area

  • Integration and enhancement of the room design

Harmonizing light
  • Interference free light

  • After installation, amazing measurement results are shown throughout the room

  • Natural appearance

Made in Switzerland


Designed and manufactured in Switzerland with heart. Think globally, act locally... expertise from the region.
Sustainability is at the forefront of all my products. That's why each product relies on design elements made of natural materials such as wood, soapstone and marble. Together with the organic light source and a specially developed coating, a completely new sensation of light is created.
Further colour designs and information on the products can be found in the respective data sheet.
Data sheet
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My Intension

Bringing the totality of the human being back to the foreground through an oasis of light.

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